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Chuck and I were invited to a fun little soiree last night. Our friends, Mike and Beth, were celebrating his 60th, her 50th, Valentine’s Day and Friendship. Such a great way to usher in the new week!

Toasts were made,  hugs were given, drinks were enjoyed (duh), small talk and heavy-duty conversation took place, yummy food was consumed, introductions were made. And joy and laughter prevailed!

Okay. So to set the mood for you, the party was inside a wonderfully charming store called Bungalow in Fair Oaks.

If ever you are around these parts, you must go take a peek! (And then check out the equally great store two doors down called Bleu.) (And, as I am wont to do, I will post pics here later of their many beautiful chandeliers.)

But I digress…

So Beth, the honored birthday girl, welcomed her guests, and then movingly expressed the virtues of time, of age, of growing older… and wiser… and happier. She spoke of the wings (that are magnificently displayed in Bungalow’s window) that were her jumping-off point, her inspiration for making the best of her 50th year, the beginning of her second half.  (See my previous post.)

She has experienced some “stuff” and endured some “junk.”  So have I. And so have you. Not a one of us got to this point unscathed. (I mean, come on, we didn’t earn these lines and wrinkles for nothin’.)

She then thanked her husband, her rock. She paid tribute to her supportive family. She gave kudos to her girlfriends, her what I like to call “personal cheerleading squad.” And — to me, the post poignant of all —  she paid homage to her choosing to take flight from those wings, to pave her own way to happiness and contentment. There was no denying that at that moment in time, Beth was front and center at her happy place. And it was a glorious thing to see…

I was reminded of this quote that I’ve always liked:  “All we are guaranteed is the pursuit of happiness. You have to catch up with it yourself.”

60 (Mike)  +  50 (Beth)   =  110 years of Fabulosity and Awesomeness. Truly.

What’s your number? 76 (divorced/widowed)? 20 or 23 (Hi, my daughters!)?

So thank you, Mike and Beth, for a great evening.

And here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day…and hoping you make the most of your number.


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