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Stuck in high gear

Three awesome 20-somethings. Three bright, hard-working college grads. Three energetic, ambitious and motivated wannabe employees. Kelly  .  Zach  .  Cassidy But they’re stuck, just like a gazillion other college graduates who are under-  or un-employed.  They’re all dressed up, as they say, with absolutely nowhere to go.  They’re in High Gear, ready to go. But,  through no fault of…



I’ve been in Funkytown the last few weeks.  Not this kind… More like this kind… And I can’t really pinpoint exactly when or how or why I traveled there. I feel like those adolescent “Emo” kids with the dyed black hair and baggy pants look. I feel blah and blue-sy, worry-full (new word) and wistful.  I threw myself a Pity Party the…


H O P E x 3

So a brilliant, fellow blogger, Melanie Crutchfield, had the idea, in the spirit of the Olympics, to initiate a HOPE Relay Blog 2012 — where bloggers from anywhere and everywhere blog about HOPE. (I told you she’s brilliant!) Do yourself a therapeutic, feel-good favor and go here to read a myriad variety of  views/perspectives/definitions of HOPE…



So I’ve been on a different kind of trip lately… I went Lithotrippin’. Well, let me clarify. My Mom went Lithotrippin’. AKA, she successfully underwent and survived a Lithotripsy. I was just the transporter/waiting-room waiter/post-procedure caregiver.  She’s the one that really deserves the kudos. (But, as I’m want to do, of course, I seek  accolades and admiration when, in…


About Me

It's true! Despite playing defense virtually all my life against the onslaught of this sometimes-ugly aging process, it...has...arrived! I naively thought I would escape cellulite (the Cottage Cheese) and crow's feet (the Crepe Paper). But I didn't! And why didn't anyone tell me about this emotional roller-coaster that comes with being an Empty-Nester?! My name is Jodie Barringer Myers. I'm a 54-year-old Friday/chardonnay/ hydrangea-loving wife/mom/court reporter living in Sacramento (Gold River!), California. Writing is cathartic for me. And because I look to find humor and humility among the rubble that is my now very peri-menopausal self, I'm hopeful that you will laugh, cry, learn, enjoy and, most of all, relate to what I have to say. After all, we're all in this together, right?

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