Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gettin’ back on the horse

Darn! Life’s gotten in the way of my blogging lately. A lot has been going on: BIG LIFE PICTURE stuff — Cassidy moving to Portland and starting a new job; Julia a short six weeks away from graduating from college! FUN stuff — connecting with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 38 (yes, 3-8!) years;…


So we walked onto a Caymanian bus …

When Chuck and I were in Grand Cayman last week, as we were discussing how best to get to the other side of the island for dinner at the highly touted Cracked Conch, counter to my preference to take a pristine, pricey, quiet, safe taxi, Chuck insisted we take the $2.50 bus — of, for and (driven) by…


About Me

It's true! Despite playing defense virtually all my life against the onslaught of this sometimes-ugly aging process, it...has...arrived! I naively thought I would escape cellulite (the Cottage Cheese) and crow's feet (the Crepe Paper). But I didn't! And why didn't anyone tell me about this emotional roller-coaster that comes with being an Empty-Nester?! My name is Jodie Barringer Myers. I'm a 54-year-old Friday/chardonnay/ hydrangea-loving wife/mom/court reporter living in Sacramento (Gold River!), California. Writing is cathartic for me. And because I look to find humor and humility among the rubble that is my now very peri-menopausal self, I'm hopeful that you will laugh, cry, learn, enjoy and, most of all, relate to what I have to say. After all, we're all in this together, right?

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