Bloom Where You Are Planted

When Cassidy, my first-born, took off for college six years ago ( Yikes!), I compiled a bunch of my favorite sayings and artistically (well, as artistically as I do anything, which isn’t much) wrote each one on a nice piece of art paper. I also gave her a little picture frame, in the oft chance she wanted to display a “Momtra” in her dorm room. These sayings ranged from Bible verses to quasi-serious things (“What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God.”), to the inane (“Watch your carbs”!).

So she goes off to college. And I doubt she even noticed that I noticed, but for about two years she displayed the “Bloom Where You are Planted” one! I was thrilled — because I figured she’d just hide all of them in her bottom desk drawer.

But I’m even more thrilled, and proud, to say that she has done exactly that: She truly has bloomed wherever life has planted her.

The same can be said for my second-born, my current college student, Julia. She has truly blossomed (d’ya like my attempt at the play on words here?) in Lexington, Kentucky. She’s absolutely loving everything about her newly adopted, temporary city. (Julia, key word: Temporary!)




I have always “preached” this basic sentiment to my girls. Things like: Whatever you do, give it your all! Live in the moment! Make the best of the situation (even if you’re hating every second)! In other words…Bloom where you are planted. (Duh.)

But, geez! I didn’t necessarily mean it, like, literally.

So, my daughters, if you’re reading this, please don’t take my advice toooo much to heart. As in, Cassidy, please don’t take root in Texas…or Nashville…or Boston…or Africa! And Julia, I implore you not to dig too deep into Lexington…or the Carolinas.

Now I could do a whole sales pitch extoling the virtues of their home state of California! I could easily laud the goodness and grandeur of the West (Best) Coast! And I’d love to wax philosophical about the budding opportunies that beckon in any state West of the Rockies!

But I won’t…

I’ll just trust that my kids (and everyone’s kids within earshot of this blog) will continue to: do their thing, make their mark, accomplish great things, create a happy life, and… Bloom where planted.

But, Cassidy, if you still have all those sayings I gave you in 2006 stuffed away in your drawer, why don’t you pull them out and read through them? Like the one that says “California Dreamin.'” Or… “There’s No Place Like Home.”











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  1. Claudia Scott
    April 20, 2012 | 12:06 am

    Sooooo Sweet! Read a line recently that reminds us all as parents… “teach your children to think, not what to think”!

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