Fair Oaks Farmers Market

So with both daughters home at the same time, we (The Myers 4) decided to check out the Farmers Market in Old Fair Oaks last Wednesday night. It was a very good decision.

So over the river (literally) and through the woods (pretty much) we rode our bikes from Gold River.

Overlooking the American River

Daughter/Dad…on the way

I kind of have a thing for Old Fair Oaks anyway ~ The Village Bistro, Bleu, Stockman Club, Bungalow, Fair Oaks Hardware, Sunflower Inn (to name just a few). But The Farmers Market is now my “Favorite Fair Oaks Places” list topper!

In the park, under the trees, surrounded by the sounds of clucking, extroverted chickens and live, mellow music, there isn’t one thing not to love.  And so many choices:  Ripe and flawless produce, baked goods, lavender, flowers, hummus, artisan pizzas and more, all at great prices. (You GO, Local Growers!) Samplings of strawberries, honey and home-made cookies: Life doesn’t get much sweeter! 

So we grabbed a picnic table and shared some sandwiches, ate some fresh, just-off-the-vine tomatoes and indulged in some of those aforementioned cookies. We people-watched, we ate, we drank…water. (Next time I’m smuggling in some chardonnay. Shhhh.)

And we talked about inane things… like who might/should be in the White House this time next year; and meaty, important things…like how darling those young families were over there, how adorable that little girl was in her Sunday-best poufy dress with patent leather shoes, and how frustrated those poor parents must be. “Easton! Easton! Please come back here. Do not do that! Get outta there!”

And then I said, “How cute! What about naming two little brothers Easton and Weston?” No one said a word. Nobody had to. I could tell my three loved ones thought I had OD’d on the lavender-sniffing.

(Don’t you think that’s a great idea, though? Easton and Weston? No? :( )

 World-famous Fair Oaks chicken

(Okay. Maybe not world-famous. But People magazine did  have an article about them a few years back.)


And so it was our family had yet another great summer evening together. A slice or two of a peach. A slice of Americana. A slice of life. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

And I can’t wait to go back!



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  1. Nan Buck
    July 31, 2012 | 5:02 pm

    As usual, I loved your very entertaining commentary! Try the Italian cafe,”Dianda’s” for breakfast and lunch. It’s super good. Hugs to the 4 from we 5!

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