H O P E x 3

So a brilliant, fellow blogger, Melanie Crutchfield, had the idea, in the spirit of the Olympics, to initiate a HOPE Relay Blog 2012 — where bloggers from anywhere and everywhere blog about HOPE. (I told you she’s brilliant!)

Do yourself a therapeutic, feel-good favor and go here http://melaniecrutchfield.com/2012/07/27/hope-2012-a-blog-relay/ to read a myriad variety of  views/perspectives/definitions of HOPE in this crazy, mostly wonderful, sometimes dreary,  HOPEful world of ours.


So here’s my definition of HOPE, divided into three ‘shades’:

LIGHT  –  The Superficial, Shallow and Inane

“I HOPE I have a good hair day today.” “I HOPE Trader Joe’s is not sold out of those vanilla bonbons.” “I HOPE my deposition goes more than two hours, and that it’s an 0&5!” (Only court reporters would undestand.) ” “I HOPE my eyes look perky and wide-open tomorrow” (Aka, good night’s sleep, no drooping, no crepe paper.) ” “I HOPE my hydrangeas don’t shrivel up in this 103-degree heat!” “I HOPE Zach and Kelly come up next weekend.” “I HOPE the traffic isn’t bad on eastbound 50.” “I HOPE the Hecks ask up to St. Helena again. Soon.” “I HOPE Zocalo takes reservations.” “I HOPE I find something cute at J Crew.”  “I HOPE the Lakers (by some miracle) have a losing season and don’t make it to the finals next season.”

(Don’t judge me. You know you have hoped for equally fluffy stuff, probably within the last hour. Be honest.)

MEDIUM – The Real Life and Quasi-Weighty

“I HOPE the Kings have a winning season this year, and make it to the playoffs.” “I HOPE the Scotts and Fowlers fly here for Christmas!” “I HOPE the vet sucks non-carcinogenic fluid out of Mia’s (our 13-year-old Lab) lipoma.” “I HOPE Julia has a safe trip from Lexington to Charlotte.” “Oh, and I HOPE she aces her finals.” “I HOPE Mom’s blood tests come back okay.”  “I HOPE this blog, Cottage Cheese and Crepe Paper, is read more often by lots more people.”  “I HOPE that shrilly, shrieky sound doesn’t mean we need a brand new Kenmore.”  “I HOPE Cassidy finds the job of her dreams.Sooner rather than later.”  “I HOPE Friday gets here quickly so I can have my Chardonnay.” (Yes, that does qualify as Medium HOPE.) “I HOPE Chuck hits at least 150% of goal again this quarter.”

(And let us not forget Barack Obama’s campaign slogan in 2008: HOPE and CHANGE! How’s that working out for ya?)

 HEAVY DUTY  – The  Big Picture, Call-in-the-Big-Guns (in my case, God)

“I HOPE that lump on his neck is benign.” “I HOPE Joseph Kony and other evil warlords are brought to justice. ” “I HOPE Suzanne/Tony and Katie/Daniel (and all the other pregnant couples out there) have very healthy, robust babies.” “I HOPE America soon gets back to work.”  “I HOPE my friends find peace and comfort on the two-year anniversary of their son’s/brother’s unexpected death.” I HOPE her Stage 0 cancer diagnosis remains a big fat 0. Forever and ever.” “I HOPE the communities in both Colorado and Wisconsin will recover and rebound after those idiots’ reigns of terror.”  “I HOPE one day the ugly, futile battle between Republicans and Democrats will cease to exist.” “I HOPE for World Peace.” (No, I’m not a beauty pageant contestant.)

In 1999, when my Dad was being treated for colon cancer at City of HOPE in Southern California (apropos name for a cancer treatment center), when he was running out of options and good news, when we as a family were very scared, very sad and running out of joy and optimism, my sweet friend Renee left this on my doorstep one morning:

This still sits on my bedside table

HOPE. So simple. One word. One huge word.

It meant the world to me then, as it does now.

Because there’s always HOPE.






5 Responses to H O P E x 3
  1. Marlene
    August 11, 2012 | 8:21 pm

    Jodie…So special- thank you…..

  2. Diane
    August 11, 2012 | 9:14 pm

    My favorite blog from you so far! Hope and prayers from 2025.

  3. Julia Myers
    August 12, 2012 | 6:33 am

    Who has a lump on their neck? dad??

  4. […] I HOPE I have a good hair day today. I HOPE Trader Joe’s is not sold out of those vanilla bonbons.…I HOPE Zocalo takes reservations. I HOPE I find something cute at J Crew.… I HOPE that shrilly, shrieky sound doesn’t mean we need a brand new Kenmore. I HOPE Cassidy finds the job of her dreams. Sooner rather than later. -Jodie at Cottage Cheese and Crepe Paper […]

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    August 20, 2012 | 9:23 pm

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