Happy Hour in the ‘Hood

You've heard it from me before, but it bears repeating: I love Friday. Especially Friday night. Especially when it's Happy Hour Friday Night!

So I was thrilled last Wednesday when I got a call from my neighbor Sandy saying that she was going to host this Friday's Happy Hour at her house. Yesssssss…

You see, Happy Hour in the 'Hood is rich in history. We've been doing this off and on (sadly, more off than on) for like 12 years. Just us girls/moms.

Of course a lot has changed. What used to be homes filled with kids and constant motion has succumbed to the relative peace and quiet of Empty Nest-hood. Discussions of zits on our kids' faces have morphed into commiseration about wrinkles and fine lines on our own. The search for a decently-priced homecoming dress has evolved into the quest for thee perfect wedding gown. (See below.) Where our kids are going off to college has given way to where they're now making a living/starting out their lives.

HHH means wine (duh), food (yum), friendship (couldn't live without it), and filling each other in on our Life-After-Tampax lives.

So here we were last Friday night:

Katy, me, Sandy, Trish, Diane

We gathered together. We lamented about Andrea and Janet (two other regular HHHers) not being there. We toasted to our Friday night. We grazed on delicious fare.

Then the real talk began. Now don't for a moment think we discussed, like, Benghazi, or Romney vs. Obama. No, no. Our talk revolved around much more meaningful, pertinent things.

Like Sandy's kitchen. Because she's going to remodel it soon.

Should the island and the cabinets have the same wood finish? Should the stove really be moved over there? Should she do away with the circa 1999 faux finish? “Get rid of it, Sandy. No mo' faux!” What kind of cabinet pulls? Such decisions to be made….

So we toasted to Sandy's future new kitchen.

And then the wedding talk began…

Katy's daughter got married a few weeks ago! In Boston! So we got to oooh and aaah over the slide show. We heard all about the dress, the flowers, the food. We hung on her every description of the day. And we were simply amazed (well, I was anyway) that our beloved MOB (Mother of the Bride) had not even one little sip of champagne or chard… until after the wedding!

Then we drank to the newlyweds…

And then Poof, Happy Hour in the 'Hood was over.

I walked home feeling blessed to live in this neighborhood, thankful for these “old” friends, and oh-so-happy that, hopefully soon, we'd do it all over again.

I've got dibs on the next HHH, Girls! :)

2 Responses to Happy Hour in the ‘Hood
  1. Diane Bertsch
    October 25, 2012 | 5:39 pm

    love it, love it, love it. you’re a good blogger, g/f!

  2. Nancy Buckner
    October 30, 2012 | 12:20 am

    This is the “gift” living in Gold River and having BFF’s as well as HHH’s! You GIRLS looked fabulous!!!
    So happy for Jessie, too!

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