I Gotta Gush!

Sorry. I do. I gotta gush. Because my girlies are coming back to California, coming back to the Empty Nest!



They won’t be here for long. :( But  we’ll take what we can get. :) Not since Christmas have The Myers 4 been under one roof, together.  Six- plus long months. Kinda sad, huh?

So the first one to grace us with her presence tonight is Cassidy!

My Cackers


And then Julia (and her boyfriend Matt!) will get here Tuesday night!

My Juju

And so it will be that our now Empty Nest will soon be filled to the brim with chaos, friends (new and old), loud music, good grilled food,  and lots of laughter. Life will be busy and boisterous…and wonderful!

I hope.

Because here’s the thing:  We are now four normal (presumably), well-adjusted (that’s debateable, I suppose) adults, each with our own distinct, unique, strong (that’s one way to put it) personality.  And as much as I tell myself that I’ll  do better this time, I kinda fear that my MOM-ness will, after about Day Two, kick into ultra-high gear. Like…I’ll be a pain in the rear with my admonishments to keep their rooms picked up, to clean their hair off the shower doors, and to pleeeease empty the dishwasher. And I’ll try (key word, try)  my very, very best to not be so intrusive. No more:  “Where all are you going?”  “You’re wearing that?” What time are you going to be back?” “Did you write a thank-you not to Grandma Myers?”  And I’ll keep to myself my fretting  and worrying when they go out on Saturday night…until I hear the sweet sound of the garage door opening.

I hereby vow that I will try my best to toggle appropriately and successfully between being the Mom I’ve been FORseeminglyEVER and the kind of Mom who they can talk to on a more grown-up,  mature, non-judgmental, friendly kind of way.

Because after all, they’re 24 and very-soon-to-be 21. (Which reminds me, Julia, on your birthday wish list was “50 Shades of Grey.” I will definitely be playing the Mom Card on that one.  You won’t be getting that as a gift from me. Gotta draw the line on that one.)

And poor Chuck The Patriarch. So much estrogen with which to dwell these next few weeks! I guarantee there will be the sisterly back-and-forth about who is the most tan, who has the clearest face (that day), and who can do the most minutes at the highest level on the Treadmill at the gym, etc., etc., etc. And surely there will be tears and/or exclamations and/or complaining about the size (or lack there0f) of certain body parts, the need for more highlights, and who gets to borrow whose clothes.

So, yes… S’mores will be made,  the curling irons will be working overtime, Chardonnay will be poured and enjoyed; Gold River’s Starbucks and Yogurt Monkey will be frequented often, the topic of politics will try to be avoided, Essie nail polish will be repeatedly applied; Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley and San Francisco will be visited, walks along the American River will be taken, $$$ (and the lack thereof) will be discussed; Twitter and Facebook will be updated at least hourly, the malls will be visited at least three times,  harsh words will probably be exchanged a time or two; their bathroom mirror will become splattered with toothpaste and zit cream, and innumerable and large dust bunnies will be formed on the hardwood floors.

But as my beloved brother-in-law Ed says, “It’s all good.”

‘Cuz my sweet chickies, who have long since flown the coop, are coming back to roost in our Empty Nest.

And I cannot wait!






5 Responses to I Gotta Gush!
  1. Michell Kozlowski
    July 6, 2012 | 11:27 am

    Jodi-I am so jealous, Enjoy!!!

  2. Wavy Davy
    July 6, 2012 | 12:41 pm

    Enjoy the time with your girls. It is fun when they come home but in our case, we also look forward to when they leave again. No wonder Chuck needs to load up on time on the golf course with his friends.

  3. Becky Schultz Hall
    July 6, 2012 | 8:39 pm

    Oh, I am envious!!
    Enjoy your special family time!! I look forward to your blog about the visit!
    This is the best, having all home at the same time! I’m smiling for you!!

  4. Nancy Buckner
    July 9, 2012 | 9:32 am

    OK, it’s now official……..I won’t even try to hide it…….I AM SO JELOUS! I do have Marky home for the summer but when he’s not working he’s off with friends or sweet Amy! Then in June,
    Laura blessed us with her presence for 36 hours so she and
    her boyfriend could attend a Napa wedding,(hey free car wt
    gas and free place to stay!!) and then there’s my Meg who
    would rather travel around Europe then come back to visit
    beautiful downtown Gold River. Go figure! Yup, Miss Jodie,
    I am waaaaaay jelous!!! Have a wonderful summer 2012!

  5. Krista
    July 13, 2012 | 11:03 am

    Oh…. this is all such great fun. I absolutely LOVE when my kiddos come home and all the commotion it brings……and when its time for them to go….. I do get very sad….but all in all its nice to get back to the empty nest after a long meaningful visit. I know they feel the same. Then we all look forward to the next time. LOL

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