My 3 G World

Julia held my hand (figuratively, and almost literally) as we walked into the Apple store last summer to buy my first-ever Smartphone, an Apple iPhone 3G. I walked out of the store about an hour later feeling like I had just given birth — so proud and excited and in awe and intimidated. And so much to learn…


I’m happy to say that 10 short months later, I’m quite proficient with it, thank you very much. For instance, did you know that you can enlarge a photo that has been sent to you, and then take a picture of it ?

And then you can e-mail or text it, like right then and there? Pretty cool, huh?

Julia wants me to upgrade to a 4, but I’m quite content sticking with my 3G for now, and probably will be for another five years. And by then it will probably be the 15G or something insane like that.

The other day I was thinking (fondly, of course) about my new ‘appendage,’ and it dawned on me that indeed there was another 3G, of sorts, in my life these days: Gripes, Grace and Gratitude.

Now hang with me here…

In looking back on the blog posts I’ve written, most of them have been negative, where it seems like all I do is Gripe — about my speckled hands, my mushy thighs, my baggy eyes, etc. Such a ‘Debbie Downer.’ Why didn’t you tell me?

So in an attempt to become more of an ‘Ursula Upper,’ I vow to you that I’ll try to tap into the Grace and focus more on the Gratitude, rather than the Gripes. At least for today…


Cottage cheese I’m not alone Spanx


Tender gums At least I have teeth Sensodyne

Facial hair It could be worse Lady Bic Shaver

Sluggish Bowels Deal with it FiberCon

Shrinking eyelashes Whatever… Lancome mascara

Eyelash curler

Crepe Paper Accept it Retin-A



More Retin-A

More Moisturizer

(Okay. That’s enough for today.)

I’ll leave you with a quote about Grace that I love, and a photo of someone who I think embodied Grace, even by name.

“Beauty is grace and confidence. I’ve

learned to appreciate what God gave me.”


Even if Grace were lucky and blessed enough to live to be 54, I’m sure she’d have her fair share of Gripes, but she would also have tapped into the Grace and Gratitude that comes with growing older.

All while using her Apple 3G iPhone!

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  1. Krista
    May 16, 2012 | 11:29 pm

    LOL Jodie…. you weren’t being negative just honest. We are right here with you!!! It makes me feel good to know the likes of you…(very fit and beautiful) has the same ailments as the likes of me!!! LOL You were very positive this time, and your quote is too true. I am also thankful for what God has given me and even more so for what He didn’t. Keep up the good writing……

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