Opening Doors

Gosh, I haven’t talked to you since…last year. Good to be back in the blogosphere.

I hope you had yourself a very Merry Christmas, and that 2013 will be splendid.  The year is a week old already, and I’m just now beginning to come out of my post-holiday mini funk…

…Because it was so much fun having my sister and her family here. We did a lot of things in a finite, too-quick period of time. Gifts — from original art work, to beautiful scarves, to a Yoda (yes, that Yoda)  alarm clock — were exchanged. Delicious medallions of beef tenderloin, as well as Sis’s left index finger (!), were  deeply cut.  Fear — of vomit,  of odd numbers, of job-searching — was discussed. Wineries in Napa Valley,  Mikuni’s (twice), and In-N-Out (multiple times) were visited.   The good ole’ days were happily and longingly recalled A couple of ugly, unresolved issues (ahem) were skirted.  Certain (mostly political) (ahem) topics were avoided.   

But, I think it’s fair and safe and accurate to say a good time was had by all, and that none of us will need to enroll in Relationship Rehab after all.

I over-ate, under-slept, extra-stressed, ixnay-ed the daily workouts and unabashedly enjoyed every fabulous sip of way too much Chard. And it was worth every ounce, inch, crease, wrinkle, sag and bag gained.

I’m red-and-green’d out. I’m done tweezing pine needles out of the carpet. My dishwasher is enjoying the respite after the two-washloads-a-day regimen. My house has gone on a ‘visual diet’ — no more holiday knick-knacks and clutter! And I cannot wait to get into the routine of 2013.

But I’m not about to make even

one resolution. I’m just not big on resolutions. Maybe it’s because I have a fear of failing? Or maybe that root word “resolve” intimidates me. It just sounds so — I don’t know — somber and un-fun. It’s certainly not because I don’t think I need some major tweaking. And I know there are many, many things my loved ones wish I’d check off my Self-Improvement To-Do List.  And I will, Fam, I will. Trust me. Perhaps this’ll be the year.

Because as we bid adieu to 2012, an abundance of doors will be, literally and figuratively, opening for us in 2013.


I’m kind of obsessed with doors. I love the beautiful, worn, “experienced,” if-these-doors-could-talk type of doors.



And I love sayings about doors.

“Happiness is always knocking on your door. You just gotta let it in.”

“Never look at the door closing behind you, or you’ll miss the opening door ahead.”

Good, simple, inspirational words, huh?

It gets me thinking about all the possibilities that lie ahead, all the untapped resources there are out there…and whether this will be the year I finally get off my duff and commit, really commit, to volunteering at on a regular basis — instead of just talking about it.

And instead of threatening myself, like I swear I’ve done for the past five years, will I within the next 11 months actually,  finally enroll in a beginner’s sketching or painting  class at  The Crocker Art Museum?

And perhaps 2013 is the year I’ll finally bite the bullet and fork out the $$$ to get Fraxel (laser resurfacing!) at Skin and Laser Surgery Center of Northern California. (By the way, Dr. Kilmer, can the procedure be done from one’s knees all the way up to the top of one’s forehead?)

(Speaking of foreheads, Hillary Clinton, please make 2013 the year you finally get bangs.)

So yeah, I’m not going to say “I hereby make the resolution that I will…”  But, I will say I acknowledge that the doors are there, they’re plentiful, that they can be opened, and I can choose to knock, peek in, tiptoewalk or barge in.  It’s my choice. It’s all up to me.

Here’s what I’ve been telling myself I will do in 2013: Complain less and stop and smell the roses more; zip thy lip more often; overthink less; floss more; go to Bayside Church at least three times a month; take my calcium and Vitamin D; and challenge myself to go to Tahoe in the dead of winter when it’s freaking cold and snowing. ( I shall keep you {blog} posted as to how it all goes.)

So cheers to you…and to the brand new baby that is 2013…and to all of us becoming the ‘new and improved’ model of our former selves…and to confidently barging through those doors!













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  1. Nancy Buckner
    January 10, 2013 | 8:00 am

    Well, as usual, you’ve given me a smile and many,”I can relate to that”. I still don’t like being an off and on empty nester and any time u want to go to Bayside, just give me a call, as I’m there twice a week. Tuesday morning Bible study and Sunday morning service. (Although a Saturday night is sometimes fun and I get to sleep in Sunday) Yes, Marc is still greeting at Sun River. Rumor had it two years ago we were divorced. Hey, I’ve been going to Bayside for several years and am still happily married) just like he goes to the club in the morning and I’m an afternoon gal!!! Happy New Year to you and keep your blogs coming. I love them and the smiles they give me.

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