Republocrat? Demican? Confused?

Did you win or lose Tuesday night? Unfortunately, sadly, that's how I'm looking at it.

I guess I technically, personally “lost.” I thought “my guy” had a good shot. I liked what I was hopeful he'd do for this country.

I “lost” four years ago also. But I embraced the unknown. I jumped on the Excitement and Momentum Train. And I was just sure that Barack Obama would be the one to bridge the gap between America's two parties. Finally. Yay – the lines will blur and soften between the Republicans and Democrats. Okay, I thought, let's do this Hope and Change thing.

It didn't happen. For me, anyway.

The gap between our two parties is w i d e r than ever. I'm more “political” than ever now. And I'm obsessed. I wonder if that woman across the produce aisle is an R or a D. Is that guy that I've made small talk with at the club for the last 10 years a Liberal or a Conservative? Hmmmmm… Is my daughter's new boyfriend's fam an R? And I'm tired. I'm tired of my newly-acquired obsession. It's not right.

Because we're all in this together. We're all Americans. We all think our vision for the future is the only/best/superior way to go. And! And — a very important point to make here — there are a number of friends and family in my life who are passionate Democrats. And I love them. And guess what? They're wonderful, great, kind people. They don't have horns growing out of their head. And most of them are smart.

I like Barack Obama. He's a great father and husband. He's good at basketball. He's funny, witty, charming. He's cool. He's a good speech giver. I like the way he sang that song that time. I think his family is awesome. His daughters are darling. I love to see what next great thing Michele will wear.

Barack Obama is an American. He's got his vision for the future of our country, and how to get there. It's just way different than mine. He's not bad. He is my president. For the next four years.

And I've got to quit “horriblizing” him and his inner circle — like a lot of Democrats out there have “horriblized” Bush and his people. And I vow to do that. Starting right now.

Because the thing is, we all want the same thing: a thriving economy, regained respect for our country, a strong defense, debt reduction, to lose just five more pounds, to banish wrinkles forever, to eat another slice of apple pie. The list could go on forever. Do I sound trite? But it's true. We're more alike than we realize. Or admit.

So let's please do a cyber hand-hold, a techno-hug, a virtual extending-of-the-olive-branch right now. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc

Was it good for you? It wasn't good for me. Yet. But I'll be working on it. Because I do know that we have to bridge this gap that is so divisive and ugly and a threat to our prosperity as a united United States of America.


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