Stuck in high gear

Three awesome 20-somethings.

Three bright, hard-working college grads.

Three energetic, ambitious and motivated wannabe employees.

Kelly  .  Zach  .  Cassidy

But they’re stuck, just like a gazillion other college graduates who are under-  or un-employed.  They’re all dressed up, as they say, with absolutely nowhere to go.  They’re in High Gear, ready to go. But,  through no fault of their own, they’re currently in Neutral, waiting to make a mark, ready to join the working world. They are desperately (not, like, obsessively or weirdly so) looking for employment, ideally in, around or in close proximity to their major, minor, chosen field and/or area of study.  Which is way easier said than done.

From personal knowledge, I can speak about Cassidy’s experience. She’s sent out approximately 100 resumes in the last 20 days. Which means that they (her resumes/cover letters/applications) are floating out there in cyberspace/the blue yonder somewhere. Probably forever.  Because she never receives so much as a “Thank you for your resume,” “You’re not a good fit for us,”  “You are over-qualfied” or even “We don’t like your eyebrows” back from these potential employers. Whether it be a smallish company or a mega corporation, she hears nothing, nada, zilch. And it’s frustrating.

I mean, can’t they just once — just once — say, “Your resume fits our criteria perfectly, Cassidy. We’d love to fly you up here for an interview.”  Because then I know she would be hired, on the spot!  Mom-bias? Yes. Wishful, unrealistic thinking? Probably. Will that ever happen? Uh….no.

I’m not placing blame. Because truth be known, these companies probably receive hundreds of resumes per one open position. It boggles my mind. It kills my soul. And I’m just the Mom. Think how Cassidy and Zach, my wonderful nephew, and Kelly, his equally-as-wonderful girlfriend, must feel!

No need to get the violins out. Yet. They haven’t been networking and/or searching the Internet from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week  for that-that long.  But still…

They do have options.  I mean, they could go pick organic mangoes in South America (and get paid for it), volunteer in faraway lands,  or teach ESL in Korea or China or ______(you fill in the blank). They could apply for an unpaid internship that may or may not lead to an entry level job in a company for which they may or may not even want to work. Or they could go to grad school, which costs lots of  money and takes an inordinate amount of  time. And then their State of Unemployment-ness will be elevated from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s.

And won’t that be special?

So here’s the deal on those three special humans pictured above. Zach and Kelly are Biology major/Chemistry minor grads. Kelly will become a PA (Physician’s Assistant) after grad school; and Zach is eyeing Pharmacy school. (Medicine is in his blood, literally and figuratively. His dad is a hematologist. Passionate about platelets, that guy…)  Are you or someone you know in need of some stellar science minds in the Bay Area? There you go!

And if it’s a Journalism major/English minor type of creative mind you seek, Cassidy is definitely your gal. Especially if it’s in the sports media world. Or Africa and its needs. Or the music world, especially in Nashville.  Geographically undesireable? I think not. She’s willing to go anywhere in the world. :)


This is what being Stuck in High Gear looks like 



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  1. Kelly Kivlahan
    August 30, 2012 | 10:43 pm

    Amen to that! Beautifully written Aunt Jodie!!!

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