Teeth Wedgies

Yet another malady and reality of aging. At least with me. The dreaded Teeth Wedgie.

My family is astonished at the frequency and depth with which food chunks nestle down in between my teeth. Especially like asparagus. Or chicken. Stringy things. And the food does not discriminate on which tooth it decides to lodge itself. At times a crowbar, it seems, is needed.

I floss nightly (well, most nights) and brush 3 X daily. I promise.

Proof that I floss!

Are my teeth, like, moving? Am I producing more, like, plaque? What the heck?!

Dealing with this affliction, though, has evoked a wonderful childhood memory.

~~~ Cue the harp music ~~~

It is with clarity and appreciation that I now reflect upon many a repast with Grandpa Barringer. After each meal, he would, not surreptitiously, grab a toothpick out of the dainty turquoise-colored glass holder that was always nearby, and proceed to dig and pick (and dig some more) at his teeth. I remember thinking, Is that a for-old-men-only ritual? What is he digging for in there?

But now, Grandpa (God rest your soul), I know. I get it.

Mystery solved.


One Response to Teeth Wedgies
  1. Claudia Scott
    April 19, 2012 | 12:03 am

    Wish I had your memory of the little things!!

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