Trends with benefits

Having pored through my latest In Style (which technically I’m probably too old to read), House Beautiful (to which I’ve subscribed since like age 24), and Shape (well, in my case Blob) magazines, I feel I’m certifiably expert enough to report to you the latest trends, fads, fashions and “It” items to wear, display, live with, plant or eat. Some of these items I find wonderful and/or beautiful and/or of great benefit. Others, not so much.

So just for fun, I’m going to act like I’m a fashion consultant/interior designer/stylist/foodie — none of which I am, of course — and pretend I’m in charge of a monthly column at, say, Vogue or Elle Decor.

Again, just for fun, and in no particular order ~


* Tunics ~ The perfect accomplice — over jeans, leggings or a bathing suit. And you can find them everywhere, from Target to Tory Burch.



* Grey/pewter/silver ~ I’m kind of obsessed. I promised myself I would do a room in this color by year’s end. (Stay tuned.)



* Hoop Earrings ~ Fun and casual way to add a little extra bling… or to get in touch with your circa 1969 self. (Cute with the tunic above, maybe?)


* Succulents ~ Love the textures and colors. Wonderful clustered together or all alone.




* Neon brights ~ Quite the trend. Great on the right person, at the right place. I, personally, will pass. Why wear something that screams, “Look at me”?




* Quinoa ~ (Pronounced KEEN-wah.) Super healthy, protein-rich, slow-carbohydrate-release grain that is versatile, delicious and easy to cook!



* Gel manicures ~ For a shinier, longer-lasting, slow-to-chip manicure or pedicure. And it takes about half the time to apply at the nail salon.


* Chanel No. 5 ~ A classic never, ever goes out of style.



* Art by Therese Fowler-Bailey ~ This versatile artist paints colorful, beautiful and magnificent works of art! And she hails from Porterville, so of course she’s extra-special.




* Greek yogurt ~ Tart, tangy, healthy and delicious taste treat!




* Lady Gaga ~ Hmmmm…. I don’t get it.



* Crocheted things ~ An effective, stylish, pretty and flowy way to hide a ton of indiscretions.



* BLOGS ~ Reading or writing blogs is where it’s at! And there’s one I particularly like that you should share with absolutely everyone you know, have known, or will ever know. It’s called


* Platform Wedges ~ Cutenesssss! Some are really high, but surprisingly comfortable.


* Vintage /Architectural Salvage ~ What goes around comes around. What’s old is always new, again!



Okay. I don’t think Vogue or Elle Decor will be calling any time soon.

But I had so much fun. :)



4 Responses to Trends with benefits
  1. Claudia
    May 28, 2012 | 6:30 pm

    are you really able to walk in platform wedges and have a normal gait? I am impressed! And yes, the crocheted item I wore for my son’s graduation did cover a slew of indiscretions! Love your blog…

  2. Krista
    May 28, 2012 | 6:34 pm

    How fun….I’d never heard of Quinoa…but I’m going to try it. I couldn’t agree with you more about that wonderful artist. Love her work and have several of her pieces. Thanks for sharing. Until we read again!!!! Take care!!!

  3. Lois
    May 28, 2012 | 8:34 pm

    Don’t have the art, or the silver room…but the clothes and hoop earrings. I’m so glad at times that I’m so slow to discard, just let it hang around for a while. Now it’s back in style. Except that some of it doesn’t want to fit my now fluffy body. Time to get the crochet vests, tops, tunics out to cover the fluff. Even have an very large bottle of Channel #5. I’m an avid reader of Cottage Cheese and Crepe Paper, so I am somewhat in vogue. Thanks for letting me know how chic I’ll be!!

  4. Robin
    May 29, 2012 | 10:16 am

    Hey Jody
    Really enjoying your blog- talented writer and I’m finding you have MANY talents by following your blog.:-)

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